Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Mmmmmm Bandwaggony

Well  here I am. I've finally climbed up on the Blogger Bandwaggon. Honestly,  it's a pretty nice bandwaggon to be on, comfortable, lots of blankets and cushions etc. someone has painted it purple. nice.

The weather is...*takes a look out of the nearest window*..... cold as far as I can tell. I'm not honestly sure because I'm sat on my sofa, wearing a fleece nightgown. mmmmmm. Primarni goodness.

Sophie's temperature is currently 38.6 (axial so about 39.3-39.6 internal) and falling finally. The poor little poppet is snuggled up on the other sofa with a glass of water and the Milkshake show on channel 5. She's been displaying the warning signs since monday afternoon. The sunken eyes, whineyness, wierdly increased appetite, joint pain, headache, eye pain, light sensitivity, general malaise....the joint paint and inflamations are controlled with NSAIDs and i am up every 3 hours over night to check on her. This goes on until the fever finally hits. it's then controlled with more NSAIDs, paracetamol and we ride it out until it goes away for another 4 weeks. 

Yet again her disorder means missed school. I hate this. I wish I could remove her pain, even if I had to suffer it myself if it meant she didn't have to, I'd do it in a heartbeat. that's what being  a mum is about isn't it?

I mean it's all well and good but I wish it'd hit when Hairyman is off work for once!

Every 4 weeks I lose my social and (voluntary) working life, I'm sure people who don't know sophie think I'm making excuses about having to remake appointments, cancel playdates, cancel socal event for myself at short notice.  I must seem like the most unreliable person on the planet, but I AM reliable; I just have a terrible memory. I need to start remembering to chart soph's symptoms as well as Hairyman's shift pattern when arranging things!!!I used to worry that peoplewould think I've got munchausen's or something. Seriously! The husband is working so I need the child to be at home and therefore make her ill intentionally you know? But no. For one thing you can't fake a temperature this high, blood results or family heritage.

Thankfully the GP, hospital and school all know about her disorder, and I feel less like a total mentalist. I wish I could have business cards made though... "Id like to be friendly with you, but my daughter has FMF and so you need to understand she'll be ill and I'll have to cancel things at short notice" and perhaps some information on FMF? hmmmmmmmmmmm........ this could be an idea!

Well, I am hungry. And it's time for me to veg out and watch some internet telly. Anything is better than flipping Noddy.

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  1. Hope she's better soon hun - and if it's any consolation, jamie's got a stinking cold and I'm suffering Fireman Sam lol!! (((hugs all round))) xxx