Thursday, 28 October 2010


Do actions speak louder than words? Well yes, with regards to a kiss instead of "I love you", a hug instead of "missed you", a longing look instead of "fancy a bit of this?"...

Obviously this wisdom does not apply when you try to help out your Hairyman and inadvertantly lose his keys so he ends up leaving late for work...

Last night, he carried the sleeping child inside. To help I took his keys, emptied the boot of the car, locked it, locked the back gate, came inside the house, put the stuff down and set about getting the ice cream in the freezer and the dinner on the cooker. I'd not realised that in order to get myself, two shoping bags and a curver box full of Lego through the back door without droping anything, I had stuck Hairyman's keys in the Lego box and forgotten about them.

Let's fast forward to 5:45am thursday. Hairyman woke me gently, wearing his coat and hat and said "Em, where are my keys?". Can you imagine my answer at 5:45am? I believe it was something along the lines of "thrwrghhthppprp?"

I got out of bed to aid the search. 20 mins of solid searching later, being snapped at by the husband for not hanging his keys up and I had a stroke of genius. FREEZER! damn. not in the freezer. keep thinking.

In the end I sat down to contemplate my fate. would I have a day of being snapped at by Hairyman? would he go to work by train and therefore be more annoyed with me because of the journey and because of not having his work keys? would he sit Playing with Lego while giving me the silent treatmen......LEGO? LEGO!!

I peered into the pink plastic box. There glistening in the multicoloured lums of plastic were the Man's keys. Car key. House key. Locker key. Tool locker key.....

I didn't get a kiss. I didn't get a hug. I got a glare as he left, but he did phone me when he got to work and told me he loves me.

He needs a whistly thing for his keys.

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