Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Weekend Away

Child, Husband and myself all needed a break from the general drudgery of moving house. We've been able to have a month's overlap of houses thanks to a very understanding and kind new landlord. He gave us the keys early so we could decorate and get a phone connected etc... But we're not officially moving in until near the end of the month.
Anyway, this all meant we were able to take some time out to reconnect, have fun and be a family again. And also to escape the mould and damp of our current house. uuurgh.

So we spent two days in Norfolk, doing this....

and this:

and I did this

I've made Sophie a souvenir jar, like a scrapbook. but in an empty duckfat jar.
it contains:
Sand (just what was left on our blanket and beach shoes), stones, mussel shells, pay and display ticket, amusement token and a 2p coin. The yarn holding the label on is the same handspun, home dyed stuff I'm currently knitting and was knitting on the beach.
The little poppet saved any 2p coins from mine and  hubby's change, and any pocket money she's earned since march/april so that she could go on the amusements and ride the gokarts at Sea Palling because she knew we'd be there at some point this summer, awwww!!

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  1. Emma I have just discovered your blog and love it!! Keep more stuff coming! I love the sand in the jar souvenir, what a brilliant idea xx