Thursday, 2 August 2012

Sorry for the disappearing act!

It's been a busy few months for the team here at Casa De Flibble.

The year started on a low note really, the weather was terrible, the Child was having so much trouble at school with bullying and school not keeping up with her medication that the decision was taken to withdraw her and teach her at home. she's getting better, but she's still acting like a 30 year old depressive with anxiety issues...

The whole crap-year-thing culminated in the last few months with us finally getting sick of our useless letting agent/landlord combo and being given the opportunity of a lifetime to move to a house with a responsible landlord, and lovely neighbours. I also discovered Pinterest too. oh god what a bad idea that was! Anyway, on with the show and tell of craft 'cos that's what this is all about isn't it?! So, with moving house I wanted some nice, new things to go in the house. Pity I'm permaskint... oh well. this mirror was made using an old mirror found in a jumble sale for 25p. first off I got it out of its frame, then covered the whole face of the mirror with some Fablon I had lying about. you could use paper, but you'll need to tape an area for the next bit.

The lettering was drawn on the Fablon using a pound shop marker pen (pack of 4 for £1?! holy fricking bargain batman!) I then set about cutting out the lettering with a craft knife. an Xacto would have been better, but you know, this is what I had. I did put a new blade in the knife first. well, I say I put a new blade in... the HairyMan did it for me 'cos last time I did it, I cut myself. I'm a klutz.

So, that done, I added a border. Again with the marker on Fablon and again cut it out using the craft knife. I then painted the whole face of the mirror with an even double coat of gold spray paint and left to dry for 2 hours before removing the Fablon. I was soooo impressed with the results, and Child is very happy with it. remember when you were 6? didn't having your name on EVERYTHING just make the world a better place?! I then sanded the old frame and sprayed a coat of lavender spray paint, followed by a dusting of gold spray for good measure and extra "Bling".

So that's her mirror sorted. Now for a little extra home made art.
I had glass paints. I had a frame bought from the same jumble as the mirror for some other stupidly small amount of money (I think I got 5 frames for 50p!!!)

I removed the glass, cleaned it, then set it to one side while I drew an S on a piece of scrap paper. I laid the glass over the S, traced it with relief paste and left it to dry. once that was dry, I just kinda doodles on the rest of the glass. once the relief paste was dry, I flipped it over the paint the purple on the other side of the glass to give a bit more of a 3D effect. Again, left to dry and then flipped it back to the right fce, doodled on the centre of the S with a silver pen and added a little gold leaf (ok, gold-coloured-not-sure-what-metal-leaf I had leftover from xmas 2010 in my craft box) for good measure and again, drying time.

While the glass was drying, it was time to paint the frame. My goodness I love spray paint. this time it was black, and once *that* was dry it got some gold leaf treatment too.

Child has a suncatcher for her new room.

I am hoping that the move will bring us a little peace to enjoy life. And on that note, here's some stuff I knitted lol.

Those are, indeed, Owls. they're freaking adorable arn't they? the wonderful pattern I used for my awesome sweater was "Owls" by Kate Davies Designs.

It's the first time I'd attempted to knit something so large, and I am very, very impressed with managing it. I do think a lot of the kudos has to go to KAte for her extrememly well written, totally fool-proof pattern.

oh, and Child got jealous. so I bought the "Owlet" pattern too. 'scuse the mess, we're moving lol.

Then came me trying to challenge myself a bit (what? more challenging than an adult sweater with a cabled yoke?!). It started with the Hobbycraft sale and Child finding a ball of yarn which caught her eye. she sat playing with it for a while while I dug through the sale box. she piped up with a little voice "this is thin enough for socks isn't it?"... bazzing. socks it is.

Finally for this episode, I just want to say how rewarding home education is, and how happy it's made us all.
It's not about sitting at a desk for 6 hours a day, it's not about forced association in the guise of socialisation. It's about learning in a way that works for you and your child. My child likes doing things and going places, so we do!

She takes literacy and numeracy work with her to do on train journeys!

and this is her making spray paint space paintings. expect these as Christmas gifts, oh members of my family who may read this Blog!!!

The one on the left was done with help. the one on the right was done on her own.

Well, TTFN. I'm off to knit something. Or spray paint something. Or just stare at a wall.

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