Friday, 29 July 2011

great googleymoogley!

it's been a busy few months in the Flibble household, but I finally got back into doing a little sewing. I say a little... about 8 hours to be exact. Even hand hemmed it ;)

Minime needed a new party dress ;) the fabric shop (fabric8 in colchester) had a massive remnant of silky, dotty polyester for £8 and their remnants were on 3 for 2, so basically this ended up being free!!

I used a Butterick pattern, and lined the dress with lining from another I'd been given recently. I also used the zip from that too. the buttons on the bows came from my mother in law. aparently they used to be on husband's baby cardigan!!
 Aparently it's "swishy, dancey and princessey". perfect.
As the party was a "fairy and princess party" I thought what the heck. let's do some free standing lace wings for giggles. Urban Threads I love you.

Great! no. 1. sewing machine lies. it said 72 mins PER WING.  this is not so. with all the swearing, tearing, breaking etc it ended up being nearer 2 hours per wing. but they do look fab!

And I had enough fabric left over to make the Birthday Girl a crayon tote too. complete accident that Disney Princess crayons match the dots so well!

Beutiful Girlie wore makeup. she scrubs up well. not bad for someone who also just graded in Karate and is now at 9th Kyu!

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