Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Last Minute Bonnet

I had something sprung on me this morning. my daugther has been ill for a week, and has been off school so I didn't get any information about their spring/eater bonnet parade tomorrow. ARGH.

I had a choice, walk a mile to the pound shop and buy plastic crap which would be binned later on, or make a bonnet and let Sophie decorate it.

the bonnet took a little over 2 hours and was from this tutorial:


everything on it was her choice, positions were her choice. she made the daffodils (I cut out the cardboard for her, she painted and glued them and then I sewed them on), she decorated the blown egg (aparently it's flowers, I think it's beautiful but then I'm her mum!)

she chose the feathers, fabric daisies and they're glued on with PVA(school) glue so they can be soaked off and the bonnet worn/decorated again.

not bad considering I basically had almost no warning lol.
the person modelling the bonnet is me, Sophie is in bed as it's 10pm here lol. glue's still not properly dry, and I made the hat stand fro a balloon, sheet of newspaper, PVA glue, cooking ingredient pot (arrowroot or bicarb i think lol) and lentils (weight) for tomorrow because if i leave it in a bag it's gonna get destroyed before the parade!

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