Wednesday, 12 January 2011

mmmmmmmmmmmmm Craft!

I often get asked how I find time to do crafts. Easy, I ignore the housework. seriously, so long as the cooking part of the kitchen and the bathroom are both clean and Sophie has clean clothes, everything else is extra. I am a terrible housewife.

BUT, I am very good at crochet lol!!

My first Filet Crochet project, and I think it'll be my last because this has taken me over a year to complete. It was a project from Magical Needlework by Dorothy Morrison. It's meant to be an altar cloth, but I don't have an altar so I wanted it as a wall hanging. I am soooo in love with this project.

The hanging itself is made form cotton yanr with a 3mm hook and it's suspended from a piece of 10mm diam copper pipe with a bead treaded onto each end.

Basically, it took me ove a year because I kept getting frustrated and confused and upset, ad then putting it away for a while. I found it half finished in november 2010 and was determined to have it finished by new year. That didn't happen, but I don't think 12th of jan is too far from my target!

Now for my new year project. Earrings. My mum gave me some fimo for my birthday, and I found some gorgeous little glass bottles on ebay and fell in love.

I wanted to make some random earrings.

one is a butterfly.

and one is a fairy in a jar.who is leaning against a toadstool and looking incredibly depressed.

here are the set

and finally, a picture of me to show the scale and how hard they were to make!

To make the teensy tiny things in the jars, I made them bit by bit and placed them in the bottles using a bamboo skewer in one hand and a pair of tiny tweezers in the other. I think I've taken years off the working life of my eyes.

Pah. It's worth it.

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