Thursday, 30 December 2010

ahhhhh christmas is over!!

as if i didnt have enough to do, I have a 4 (soon to be 5) year old diosaur obsessed little girl.
3 days before xmas sophie started talking more and more about something she'd put on her santa list, something i'd glossed over and practically ignored because i thought she was kidding. She outgrew her dinosaur dressing up outfit LAST year and wanted a new one. turns out she wasn't joking and she REALLY did want a new dinosaur outfit. Please. Now. Please ask santa... etc.

Being more normal that I ever thought, I looked at pre made ones. But in the UK it turns out you're not allowed to dress as a dinosaur if you're over 2 years old according to the major supermarkets and ebay.

I gave up. Dejected and trying to work out a decent lie for the child to explain why santa couldn't follow through, then when i was in the 99p store getting tut (essex colloquial profanity meaning collective poo), i saw *THE* rug. cotton, stripey and a really disgusting shade of green.

i combined the rug, three fleece scarves and a lot of mental to complete this in time for xmas day. she was impressed!

now for the science bit.

being a shoddily made pound shop rug, it began to fray as soon as i put scissors near it. So, I machine sewed the seams first, and then encased all seams in fleece offcuts. the encasing was done by hand. at midnight the night before xmas eve.

 Yes, that's midnight. on 23rd dec. Yes, I am mad.

i added fringe to, you know, pretty up the dinosaur a little. and some 1960s buttons obtained from my mother in law. i was sure i would never use them because of the shade!

here's the tail.

i did machine embroidery on all the spines. i know, overkill? it was really to stiffen the fleece a little and make it stand to attention a bit better. Seriously, I thought of everything.

here's the back.

 and the front laid flat

That dinosaur looks like she's on the prowl, quick! stay still! they can only see you if you move!

oh noes! she found her prey!!!

one day I hope my daughter will appreciate everything i went through to give her a magical childhood lol.


  1. WOW what a FAB outfit you are so clever I would not even know where to start!

  2. She most certainly will treasure the memories. My Mum used to make us fancy dress outfits, school cardies and we were always allowed to paint on big sheets of paper stuck to the kitchen cupboards, even if it got all over the doors!
    Only wish I was half as cool!