Saturday, 31 May 2014

Spleling and lysdexia

In the past two years, school traumatised child has been what can only be politely referred to as a reluctant writer.
Some days (most days) we've had panic attacks and/or refusal.

Recently though, things have changed. She's sick of having a scribe. She's sick of not being able to put into words what is actually going on in her head. She's annoyed that, although Brownies understand and provide a scribe if there is to much for her to cope with, she feels different.

So SHE had decided to improve. With help of course.

So on her go ahead, I have been teaching her how to spell usung the "look, say, cover, write" technique.
She's been doing writing practise in the form of the odd note to me and some work books.... although the notes thong didn't really work out well.
I led her the chance to write me a note before she goes to sleep, and I will reply for her to read in the morning... Yeah. Disaster... see the photos at the end. Apologies for this not being a very slick post, I am trying the Blogger app and so far it is making me want to drown things.

On her go ahead, we went to WHSmith and had a gander at the books and I found one which covers grammar and the English language and showed it to her, she liked its style. She also picked out a rather engaging maths book at the same time, and I found a word bank book for her to use too.

Well it turns out that having a maths book that had a "mythical worlds" theme (unicorns, dragons, wizards and faeries) was just what she needed to give her a kick up the bum with numbers, and the grammar book we'd both loved and she's started doing (and enjoying!) is actually for age 9+. When she noticed that, she spent the afternoon beaming because she's an 8 year old dyslexic and couldn't possibly have done this work if she'd seen the age before she started..... Oh ye of little faith, Child.

She's also chosen to start learning spellings. So, from her pieces of work, we pick out three she's not got right, and write them out for her to practise. I gave her a week for the first three and she managed to learn (and retain) them in just 3 days.

Right now, I am drinking tea while she is practising her spellings. This is the life.

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