Sunday, 21 April 2013

I collect odd books

Any book with an interesting or strange or non PC title, I love them. I gather them. I preserve them. Here's a selection from my collection.

I think we'll begin with Gaytime Stories. Frankly, completely un-PC now, but very of its time. Personally, I find the table of contents incredibly amusing when taken in modern context with the title.

here's some more oddities before I get to the juicy stuff......

OK, this one's not mine. it belongs to the Manflesh I'm married to :D

This next one is very interesting when you think of its age, it's early 1930s. It's in a completely plain, blue leather cover so nobody can see what you're reading. naughty naughty!!!

And this one I rescued from certain destruction. I know a lot of people don't see why, and cry out "omg! burn it!" but IF books like this are destroyed, then the memory of the atrocities associated with such words may be forgotten, and how can we learn from history's mistakes and not make them again? The human race is essentially incredibly stupid and doesn't learn quickly. Persecution of non white peoples, hatred of homosexuals, religious warfare, all are mistakes for us to learn and move on from and should never, never be forgotten. So, save old, un PC books. Show them to your children and explain why they're not acceptable any more. Explain how to love their fellow man and maybe we'll grow a more tolerant race as a byproduct of education. (oh, and as a modern thinking personage, I think Joseph Conrad should probably have stayed with his original title of "Children of the Sea".... but at the time, this was a better selling title.)

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  1. I picked up an interesting steampunk looking book from the 1870's. "How to fight Giants" :) I think gaytime may be fun :)