Sunday, 20 March 2011

Kelly's Birthday Frame

I had completely forgotten my friend's birthday; so with 24 hours notice and zero monetary outlay, I threw this together. Seriously.

1 unfinished pine frame from my stash of "stuff i need to get on with"
some rose coloured ink
sulky silk effect polyester thread in pink
sulky metallic thread (rainbow)
two card bradlets (hammered into the wood!)
1 broken earring
a load of modpodge.
fabric scraps
photoshop knowledge and a printer.

I started with the frame, painted it with ink, wrapped around the threads and hammered in the small bradlets and the earring. it only had a little stubby bit of metal left on the back of it, i dont think a full length stud earring would have worked with the hammering!
covered with copious amounts of modpodge glossy.

then i started on the picture while that was drying, i took a photo off my friend's facebook account and photoshopped the heck out of it to make it more arty. I then embroidered the little girl's name onto a scrap of gingham ribbon. then I modpodged some cotton voile onto backing card (made form a pizza menu Wink ) and left to dry.
I layered the voile/card, picture and name plate using card making glue dots.

all was assembled the morning of her birthday celebration....
she loved it!!

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